The application and analysis of the paper bag machine


  The paper bag machine uses the printed sheet of paper as the raw material, and the paper is automatically fed by Feida, transported through the paper feeding platform, and then the front gauge is used to accurately position the sheet and fed into the vertical line of the pressure roller. Then, the glue is automatically sprayed (hot melt glue can be sprayed), formed, automatically folded on the side of the accordion, automatically formed into a cylinder, and then transferred to the bottom device via the push rod for bottoming, upper bottom glue, bottom forming, and the finished paper bag is completed at one time. This machine is the best equipment for processing garment handbags and gift bags with high precision and speed. It is the ideal partner for your business.


  The paper bag machine uses raw paper or printed web as raw material, and the seamless steel pipe completes the square bottom paper bag with handles at the same time. It is an ideal equipment for producing square bottom paper bags with handles. The machine uses the handlebar assembly to make the paper rope and the patch web into a handlebar, and then sends the handlebar to the sticker unit through the conveying device; the primary color or the printed web is pasted on the sticker unit. After the bit is broken, the patch is glued, and the handle is automatically pasted, the host attaches the paper with the handle to the edge, the paper tube, the cut, the bottom indentation, the bottom glue, the bottom of the bag and the conveyance. Out of the bag.

  The whole machine is controlled by the computer central control system. The running status is displayed and controlled by the touch screen. The length of the bag is controlled by the servo motor, thus ensuring that the machine can produce a variety of portable paper bags.

  The level of improvement is reflected in:

  1. Increased flexibility. As long as you use the single data, you can change the type and packaging of the packaged goods by simply operating the same packaging machine. This function is very useful for small-volume, multi-category market needs.

  , high precision, high speed and high efficiency, production and development. The equipment not only can work at high speed and stability, but also cuts the timing of abnormal production as much as possible. This is the most direct way to improve efficiency.

  , safe, energy saving and environmentally friendly. This includes maximizing the maintenance of the safety of equipment operators and commodity consumers, reducing the cost of power as much as possible, and using appropriate skills to minimize adverse environmental impacts of the production process.

  , strong connectivity. It is convenient and fast to complete the communication between the single machines, so that the single machine can be connected to the whole line, and the single machine or the whole line and the upper monitoring system can be conveniently and quickly completed to monitor, calculate and analyze the power of the packaging line, power consumption, etc. The bottom of the goal.

  , automated processing problems. If there is a problem, there is an automatic diagnosis and treatment system. The implementation of this function can reduce the elimination of troubles, labor costs and personnel training costs, and reduce some of the situation due to small problems and stop operations.





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